Who'd have thought we'd be in another year and another lockdown. But we look forward with hope as vaccines are rolled out and we have opportunities to look forward to new beginnings. I've been missing seeing family and friends like you have!

I have been working towards launching 3 New Courses in the beginning of March, all being well, with a Promotional Offer for 21 days.

I've been revising my first course to 30 Social Media and Time Saving Tools - and after feedback, I'm not aiming it at just designers and artists as all those who've done it have benefited from the content.
So watch this space...

Another course I'm launching is a freebie - File Types and Sizes for Designers and Artists. If you've ever wondered what file type you should choose and why and what are the benefits and downfalls of each type, this course is for you.

And the Beginner's Guide to Intellectual Property for Designers and Artists course will be live too...

Charlotte, a designer friend of mine who did the same degree as me went through my finished course to give me feedback. She said it was so good she was going to pay me for it!