I am nearly done with the launch - LAST DAY TODAY! It's been a HUGE stretch!

7 Facebook live interviews and 2 live webinars - I've never done any of that before. Although it's been tiring it's been good! Here's a little snapshot on it...

You can check out the course details here: Top 30 Social Media and Time Saving Tools

Peter also shared his testimony on the free course: File Types and Sizes for Designers and Artists. It's not an interesting subject but it's a very important for anyone working on computers, not just creatives. Check it out... It's free!

The first Beginner's Guide to Intellectual Property for Designers and Artists webinar went well, the questions at the end were a stretch but I had them all properly answered afterwards by Hallam, one of the IP experts who has been checking my content.

The second one was a huge techie challenge but apart from that it went well.

You can check out the free webinars here: Free Webinars for Designers and Artists

Emily is a friend of mine, and an award winning business adviser. She ended up sharing a little bit of my journey behind the course A Beginner's Guide to Intellectual Property for Designers and Artists here:

I've had interest from people who aren't designers and artists wanting to know about their Intellectual Property. So I'm looking next at redesigning the course to be 'A Beginner's Guide to Intellectual Property', for those who aren't in the design world. Watch this space...

The launch discounts finish at midnight so if you are interested in making the most on them follow the links included!

Thank you for being part of this journey. I wish you every blessing as we move forward out of lockdown...

Love Anna