Welcome to my new look Amanya Blog!

My name is Anna Brewin and I'm a designer. I originally trained in Textile Design but have been expanding my portfolio into Surface Pattern, Graphics and Corporate Design, and more recently into Course creation.

Here is a little snapshot on the brand and what it's all about:

When I first relaunched my business from my original one of AMB Textiles, I was looking for something to call it. [Thanks for the logo Sam!]

Some people choose their own names but I wanted to have something that was separate to me so I went searching for something that would fit.

My nieces have beautiful sounding Hebrew names so I decided to start there.

Amanya was the one I came across that jumped off the page at me. It means 'faith in God, artist of God' and later I found out it also means 'faithful God'.

It combined my artistic skills with my faith and had the added bonus of being an A that matched my name, as well as having a lovely ring to it, a bit like Armani. Result!

The biggest challenge has been people knowing how to spell and pronounce it –

so I say 'It's like Amanda, but with an Y instead of a D!'

Check out more of the story here:

You can see more about Amanya at my websites:

www.amanyadesign.com and www.amanyadesigncourses.com

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