It's a simple principle. Small decisions every day have a compounded effect over time. We can easily see that at work when we look at the teenager who tries a puff on a cigarette or the person who progresses to the habit of 40 cigarettes a day over many years. Whether we choose to eat the fruit or the chocolate bar, whether we choose to exercise or veg out on the sofa.

Once, twice, 5, 10, even 50 times we may not notice the difference. But compounded over months, years and decades, there will be a change. For a long time there may be no evidence of this, but we are moving along the curve. Either along the success curve or the failure curve.

This can affect every part of our lives. Our health, our relationships, finances, business, our personal development and wellbeing. By the time the destination of the curve starts to show, we will have gone a long way along the curve and a lot of time will have passed.

It may not be impossible to change the direction of the curve at that point, but it may be more difficult, and of course, a lot of time will have gone. This simple but profound principle is expounded in the book called 'The Slight Edge' by Jeff Olson. He explains how this happens time after time in life, in our lives and others. You can see a summary of the book in this video of the The Slight Edge:

The Slight Edge

Take time today to consider the curves you are on!

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